Meet the Speakers Who Give You Instant Immersion

At Pars Omni, we want you to feel Spanish as it is lived and spoken by over 500 million people around the world. Our Spanish Voices software gives you exactly that. Rather than a traditional call-and-response learning environment, our software and application allows you to hear the Spanish language being spoken by a wide variety of people, in conversations, interviews, and just the sounds of the street.

Using the Spanish Voices application increases your passive knowledge- the deep-seated memory at the core of language conversation- and allows you to pick up the nuances and rhythms of the language. It increases your vocabulary and helps you become comfortable with the language as something to speak and listen to, not just words to memorize. To do this, we have recorded a wide range of native Spanish speakers.

Our Voices

A Cross-Section of the Population

We spoke to:

  • Close friends: when you learn the language, you will be speaking it with friends and maybe family. You’ll want to understand how an easy, fluid conversation sounds.
  • Students, housewives, retired people and others: how do ordinary people of all ages talk about their daily lives, their family and friends, their relationship problems, their personal hopes and desires?  Our software helps you get to the heart of what learning a new language is all about: connecting on a personal level with other people.
  • Professionals, artists, writers, business owners, managers, teachers and more: when people talk about the joys and problems of their work or profession, you learn not only the vocabulary and ways of communicating in those environments, but you also start absorbing the cultural differences and similarities that make learning Spanish interesting and challenging.

Let Our Friends Be Your Friends

We spoke to close friends and to strangers and are, in a way, inviting them into your home. They want to help you learn the language and agreed to speak about a wide variety of subjects you’ll encounter, from the weather to politics. You’ll increase your vocabulary, your understanding for the natural interaction between speakers, and your cultural knowledge. All are essential to not just speaking a language, but to truly living it.

If you’re ready to hear Spanish being spoken, and to increase your language skills in a way that fits your schedule and comfort level, please download a FREE TRIAL of Spanish Voices today. We’re excited to introduce you to our friends!