One of the valuable tools within the Pars Omni Spanish Voices software is the vocabulary tool. It is integrated into the conversations and stories so that you have access to vocabulary support without interrupting the learning environment.

  • To access the vocabulary tool, click on the “View Vocabulary” tab at the top.view vocab
  • A list of conversations you’ve recently worked with will appear. Click on the conversation you’d like to see the vocabulary for. list of conv
  • The list of vocabulary words for that particular story will appear. list of vocab
  • If you click on the magnifying glass to the left of the word or phrase, a dictionary pop up window will open. This window includes a compete definition for the word along with other options like adjusting the scope of your search, showing verb conjugations with or without vosotros, and printing the screen. There is also a “More…” link that takes you to a dictionary website with even more information. pop up window
  • If you click on the word from the “View Vocabulary” tab, it will take you to that word in the story in the “Listen” tab. The word or phrase will be highlighted and the green flag will be to the left of it. listen tab
  • If you click on the button to the right of the word, it will give the English definition for the word as it is used in this specific story. click on button
  • There are several more options at the bottom of the window. You can check the box to “Show content of looked up words” or to “Show full translation detail”, or you can click on the buttons to search (binoculars), show all translations at once (2 overlapping boxes), or refresh to update according to current settings (circling arrows).

There are also two other tools that are useful for learning vocabulary: the idiom tool and the notable people and places tool. The idiom tool explains phrases that don’t translate exactly from one language to another.

  • The idioms tool is located towards the top right of the screen in the “Listen” tab and is represented by a small balloon shaped icon. idioms tool
  • When you click on the icon, the idioms in the story will be highlighted. highlights idioms
  • When you hover your pointer over the phrase, a small box will appear that gives the meaning. hover over

The notable people and places tool explains things in the story that are culturally significant.

  • When you see text within a story that is blue and underlined, this is a notable place. When you click on the word or phrase, a box will appear with information about the item and, if appropriate, a picture. blue underlined
  • You can view the explanation in English or in Spanish. To switch between languages, click on the button for the desired language at the bottom right (En = English, Es = Español). The text in the box will appear in the selected language.switch language
  • There is also a “More information…” link at the bottom left that will open your internet browser and take you to a site with additional information about the item. open browser

All of these tools will help you increase your vocabulary knowledge and thus your Spanish fluency. To learn more about how you or your organization can improve fluency in the Spanish language, contact Pars Omni today! Our immersive classes and unique approach to language learning give you the skills you need to succeed.