When you open the Pars Omni Spanish Voices software, a smaller window titled “Tips” will appear. It will contain a small chunk of useful information about Spanish fluency and how the Voices software can help you improve yours. You can click “Next” in the bottom right to see more tips, “Previous” to go back to the tip you just read, or “Close” to close the window and continue on to the conversations. If you’d rather not see these tips each time you open the software, you can uncheck the box in the bottom left corner next to “Show Tips at startup”.

tips screen shot

These tips are a great way to get an extra boost each time you use the software. They may be recommendations you’ve never thought of before or a reminder of something you already knew but haven’t incorporated into your language acquisition process in a while. These helpful and convenient reminders can help you improve and maintain your Spanish fluency so be sure to read through them when they appear. It only takes a moment and can be really beneficial.

To learn more about how you or your organization can improve fluency in the Spanish language, contact Pars Omni today! Our immersive classes and unique approach to language learning give you the skills you need to succeed.