One of the many excellent tools in the Pars Omni Spanish Voices software is the side-by-side translation tool. This feature allows you to view the Spanish text and the corresponding English text at the same time. This tool enables you to instantly check your understanding while you listen to the Spanish speaker tell the story and read the text in both your native and target languages at the same time.

  • When you open the software, you will see the list of conversations. You can click on each story to get basic information about software
  • Once you have decided on a conversation you would like to listen to, click on it to select it and then click on the “Listen” tab at the top. Now you will see the Spanish text.
  • Click on the “Translation Style” drop down menu and select “Side by side.”drop down menu
  • Now you have the Spanish text on the left and the English text on the right.spanish left english right
  • When you press the green triangle at the bottom to play, the text will be highlighted to correspond with what is being said. Both the Spanish and English text will be highlighted so you can easily follow along as the speaker talks.highlights text

There are also other translation styles you can use:

  • Click a word with the mouse
  • Hover mouse over word
  • Simultaneous

With “Click a word with the mouse”, the translation for a word or phrase will be provided in a small pop up when you click on that word or phrase. In that pop up you can also press the green triangle at the left to start playing at that word or the green triangle in the middle to continue playing from where the audio was when you paused by clicking on a word. If you click on the magnifying glass, the word will appear in the dictionary tool on the right along with a more comprehensive list of definitions. This translation style can be useful if you want to focus on the Spanish audio and text and only get English translation when you need a word

With “Hover mouse over word”, the translation will appear when you hover your mouse over a word. Again, this can be useful if you want to only see and hear Spanish until you need the English translation.hover mouse

With “Simultaneous”, the English translation will appear above the text as each word is said. This option, like “Side by side”, is a good option if you want to see both the Spanish and English while listening to the Spanish audio.simultaneous translation

At Pars Omni, our software gives you many ways to learn the language, allowing you to read and listen at your own pace. To learn more about how you or your organization can improve fluency in the Spanish language, contact Pars Omni today! Our immersive classes and unique approach to language learning give you the skills you need to succeed.