Being able to search in the Pars Omni Spanish Voices library is helpful at any stage of learning. You can use it when you are starting out and want to find a conversation that will help you learn or practice something specific. You can also use it when you’ve listened to a lot of the stories and can’t quite remember which one had that particular phrase you want to brush up on. Whatever you’re looking for, the search tools can help you find the material you need.

  • When you open the software, you will see the “Find Conversations” tab. Click on the “Search…” button at the top right of the left half of the tab. click search
  • The search options will appear on the right. You can customize your search by adjusting a variety of options like voice pitch and name of speaker.adjust options
  • You can click on the small curved arrow towards the top of the right side of the window to open a small window where you can select which grammar elements you would like to search for. Click “OK” when you are done to close this window and continue searching.grammar elements
  • Enter a word or phrase into the search field and press the “Search” button at the bottom right. Your results will appear on the left. results on left
  • You can perform a new search by adjusting individual parameters and clicking “Search” again, or you can click on the “Clear criteria” button at the bottom right to start over. clear criteria


  • In the “Listen” tab, the tool for searching within a conversation is represented by a pair of binoculars.binoculars tool
  • When you click on the binoculars, a small window will appear where you can enter a word or phrase to search for. Click “Find Next” and the next instance of the word or phrase will be highlighted. To see subsequent instances, click on the binoculars again; the last word you searched for will be in the search field so you simply have to click “Find Next” again. find next

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