The repeat and adjustable speed tools can be used individually or together. When used together, you can slow down isolated chunks of language that you want to focus on in order to really hone in on pronunciation and other nuances. You can also use the repeat tool to replay certain parts of a story and say them out loud several times in a row to drive them home. The adjustable speed tool also allows you to listen to the entire conversation at a faster or slower pace, depending on what you need at the time.

  • To use the repeat tool, select a conversation and click on the “Listen” tab. Then, highlight the text you want to focus on and click on the circle arrow button at the bottom. circle arrow
  • The section of text will be highlighted in yellow. When you click on the play (green triangle) button at the bottom, only the audio for the highlighted text well be played. You can play this chunk as many times as you need to. A great way to practice your Spanish speaking skills is to repeat the language out loud after you play it. highlighted and repeat
  • To deselect this section of text and return to normal playback mode, click on the circle arrow button again.


  • The voice speed will automatically be set in the middle, representing the speed at with the conversation was actually spoken.middle auto
  • You can adjust the speed by clicking on the vertical bar and sliding it to the left or right. You can decrease the speed by sliding the bar to the left to hear the words spoken more slowly. This can be useful for new and difficult language. play slower
  • You can increase the speed by sliding the bar to the right to move through the conversation more quickly. increase speed

The repeat and adjustable speed tools are just two of the many ways you can customize the Pars Omni Spanish Voices software to meet your specific learning needs. To learn more about how you or your organization can improve fluency in the Spanish language, contact Pars Omni today! Our immersive classes and unique approach to language learning give you the skills you need to succeed.