Here’s what customers have had to say about the Spanish Voices learning app

Catherine R. (England) says:

Many thanks.  I’m looking forward to learning something now after about 5 years of trying. I’m impressed with the programme and the customer service.

Shawna B. says:

I really love this program because you use real native speakers. I have already recommended 4 people to this program. I love the voice of Anna in ‘Camille Pissarro Pintor Francés’  I listen to her voice and imitate her. Now my friends say I have a Mexican accent. I really love her voice. It is special to my ears. I love this program sooooooooo much. Keep it up 🙂 

Gus O. says:

What I like most about your program is the immediate access to translations and dictionary functions along with verb conjugations. There is no point where I am “run over” by the conversation since I have control of the pace and do not need to let parts of the conversation be left undefined which has always been a big frustration for me in prior experience. The material is more inviting to me since I always leave it with the satisfaction that comes with learning something with clarity. The build up of passive vocabulary does indeed occur and I have noticed the payoff comes later. I certainly will start recommending the program around. Good work!

William C., M.D. says:

Thank you. Your program is quite brilliant.