Not only will our Spanish language classes allow your employees to quickly learn Spanish, in many cases they foster a better sense of team and improve working relations among group members. Here are some of our satisfied clients.

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Our organization first became aware of the suggestopedic teaching approach in early 1987.  Since that time all members of the Division’s upper management have, as a minimum, attended the Weekend Spanish language warm-up session.  In addition, [we have had] several ten week Spanish training seminars for middle management at our Otay Mesa twin plant facility.  All program evaluations conducted internally by my staff have indicated nothing but praise for both the teacher and the method of instruction.-J. J. Sonnonstine
Manager, Off-shore Operations
Hughes Aircraft, USA


I have been interested in accelerated learning techniques for a number of years so when there was a requirement to learn Spanish, my preference was to test the theories. The experience was magic. Not only did I learn, but I had the most enjoyable time. Each week I would look forward eagerly to the next sessions. Being able to make the learning experience fun and dramatically increasing effectiveness is something that must be better utilized.

-Robert A. Mistron
Permabilt Industries, USA


I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the results of your Spanish course.  As you know, my company does an extensive amount of business in Mexico, and thus it is crucial for me to be able to speak Spanish.  I have referred many of my clients to you, and will continue to do so.

-Ron Flesch
Sales Manager
Crown Chemical Corporation, USA


Several years ago we entered into a joint manufacturing venture in Monterrey, Mexico.  After several months of struggling to learn Spanish on my own I reluctantly concluded I would try one of those “Language Schools.”  I entered the first class with a rather negative attitude and left 3 hours later an enthusiastic language student.  I had heard of positive learning experiences but I had never been involved in one first hand.  For the next three years I was fighting, along with others, to be first in line for the other level programs.

-R. T. McDonald
Minco International, LTD, USA


As Import/Export Manager for Mattel Toys, I attend a number of meetings, conducted primarily in English, but often Spanish is utilized to clarify a particular concept.  I am now able to comprehend and make sure that the concepts presented are properly understood. Most of all, the classes were enjoyable and my fellow students greatly enhanced the learning environment.  This teaching method is unique in my experience; it provided a relaxing and non-pressured way to learn something which will prove to be very important to my career.

-Elaine Jacoby
Import/Export Manager
Mattel Toys, USA


All who have taken the classes are amazed at and proud of what they have learned.  A year ago we would not have believed we could accomplish so much so fast.

-Sue Quinn
Training Officer
San Diego County Probation Dept., USA


This [suggestopedic] method. . .enabled both me and my associates to learn a foreign language quickly and effectively.  But more importantly the process was enjoyable.  I have attended countless development and training programs over the years and without qualification this was the most enjoyable experience I have ever had coupled with immediate and gratifying results.

-Allan J. Rappaport
District Director
U.S. Customs, USA


The [Spanish] course was so good, and the teaching methods so unique, that I nearly had withdrawal symptoms when the course was over.

-Dale A. Burke
Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District, USA


I have had Spanish in high school, adult education and at other language schools.  Although I was able to memorize words and phrases I never learned to think in Spanish.  I have taken both the Level I and the Level 2 Spanish classes.  Their teaching method is a fun, creative, fast method of learning to think in the language.  I highly recommend this method and wish I had had it 30 years ago!

-Sharon Fitzpatrick
County of San Diego
Department of Social Services, USA


I just wanted to let you know that I have passed my bilingual proficiency test!  With my work, I had to use Spanish at least twice a week.  I took the test several days ago.  Thanks again to your program, I am better able to serve the citizens of National City.

-Geary McMurray
National City Police Department, USA


I was absolutely fascinated with the entire process…even though it was after a long work day, everyone truly looked forward to going to the class.

-DeWayne D. Ouren
Assistant Superintendent
National School District, USA

It was so exciting to communicate in the new language from the beginning of the first week.  Thanks for this opportunity.

-Demminic Sinawat Dennis
Student, Malaysia

I always felt happy in this class.  I can speak and understand.  It has been the best learning experience in my life!

-Chung Fung Chen
Student, Malaysia

The participative nature of this class enabled me to interact with the members of the group, thus it also developed my confidence in public speaking.  The system not only allowed me to learn from the teacher, but I also learned a great deal from the members of the group.  The teaching process has motivated me to learn.

-Dr. Mazlan Mohd

Interesting and effective learning process!  With this approach, I’ve realized that there should be no stress in learning.  It is a natural, automatic process.

-Ng Wee Siong
Teacher, Malaysia

This was the best language course I have had. I will tell all my friends about this wonderful programme.

-Mari Steurer
Computer Programmer

The most interesting and rewarding learning experience I’ve ever had.  The instructor was phenomenal; the class was fun; and I learned more than I would have believed possible in 8 short weeks.

-Bob Mack
Businessman, USA