Language learning is a journey and different people are at different stages. We have a variety of programs designed for those who are near fluency, who understand some Spanish, who learned but forgot (or think they forgot) and those who are just starting.

  • Live Classes: We have four levels of classes (beginning to high intermediate levels). Classes range from 60-72 hours, scheduled to take from 2-10 weeks, with class sizes of no more than 14, giving you an intimate yet still highly interactive learning environment. The base price is $1800 per class per individual (roughly $25 per hour). Group discounts for two or more students are available.
  • Software: Our unique Spanish Voices software allows you to be instantly immersed in Spanish spoken by native speakers. The application can be downloaded for free and includes a small number of conversations to sample. If you like the program, you can purchase a Language Fluency Pack for $79 (or less, if you place you order during the 30-day Free Trial period). The Fluency Pack includes 30-50 conversations (audio recordings plus text and translation) containing over 25,000 spoken words.

Contact us today to learn more about our class options or software programs. We’re excited to help you begin – and continue – the journey toward a new language.