Dr. Georgi Lozanov

Dr Georgi Lozanov (1926 – 2012)

LozanovProfessor Doctor Georgi Lozanov, M.D. was a Bulgarian psychiatrist and psychotherapist, brain physiologist and educator. He created what he called the science of Suggestology and its application to education – Suggestopedia. Suggestology is “the science of tapping man’s reserve capacities in the sphere of both mind and body”.

He developed teaching methods and materials for adults and children in Bulgaria during the 1970s. By 1978 there were 17 primary schools converted to his methodology as well as an adult foreign language institute. His methodology was officially observed by a 25 expert commission from UNESCO in 1978, evaluated as a superior teaching method and recommended for application all over the world. You can read the Working Document for the Expert Group here.

Due to philosophical and political conflicts between his approach (and his plans for expansion to the West) with that of the Communist government in Bulgaria, he was detained under house arrest for the period 1980 – 1989 until political changes in Bulgaria that came about after the “fall of the Iron Curtain”. From 1990 Dr. Lozanov worked in Bulgaria and Austria and continued with experiments and further development of his methods – though on a much reduced scale compared to what he had enjoyed prior to his incarceration.