Spanish-Language Classes Created to Fit the Needs of Your Organization

When your business or organization needs to have employees learn Spanish, you need an educational method that fits the time-table and the learning abilities of your people.

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In high school we’re used to language classes where students would memorize a list of vocabulary words, and do homework conjugating a sentence that no one would ever speak (“My sister is sad, for her leg was broken at the disco. The table is female.”). Some people can learn a language that way, but for most others it was a frustrating chore, and like many other things to be memorized, it was forgotten as soon as the exam was over.

Small Classes, Engaged Teachers, Immersive Environment Lead to True Learning

At Pars Omni, we don’t believe in teaching that way. The best way to learn Spanish is to speak it, to hear others speak it, and to increase your familiarity and comfort with the language through natural conversation with students at your level. That’s why we created our 4-tier class system, brought by skilled teachers directly to your organization, to help your employees from beginning stages through to high conversational level.


For those who have zero or near-zero experience, including those who forgot the language after high school or university. This class creates a solid working vocabulary and an understanding of grammar, the basis of knowledge. Students will be able to converse about many topics at the end.

Total Hours:
72 Class Hours


Increased vocabulary, more complex grammar structures, and idiomatic Spanish designed to increase conversational skills. Students become at ease with the spoken language.

Total Hours:
60 Class Hours
Foundation course or conversational equivalent


Spanish as you need it. A program designed between student and professor, focusing in on what you need most, whether that is advanced business language or musicology, to help you perfect your language.

Total Hours:
60 Class hours
Proficiency course or conversational equivalent


An immersive travel experience, to put all the class time to use.

Total Hours:
10 Days, not including travel
Proficiency course or conversational equivalent

The Pars Omni Classroom Benefits

  • Perfect Size: Classes have between 6 and 14 students, making them big enough so that no one is expected to carry the weight, but small enough so that no one gets lost in the shuffle.
  • Fully immersive: Classes are conducted entirely in Spanish, which increases your passive learning ability and helps you pick up in context that which you would otherwise have to memorize.
  • Classes at your level: Your classmates are in the same boat as you, and you work together to find the best way to learn Spanish.

If you are interested in finding out more about classes for your organization, please contact us regarding schedules, pre-testing, and expected results. Please click here for more information about pricing and discounts for your organization! We look forward to speaking with you!