The Pars Omni®
Spanish Fluency Membership Program


The Pars Omni Spanish Fluency Membership is a program that assists you in mastering the 3 skills of fluency in Spanish (understanding, speaking and conversing). It’s a structured program that you do on your own, on your own schedule.

When you enroll in the Membership you download and install the Membership Apps (detailed below). And then, using the Membership Portal App, you complete the Membership Training tutorial. During the training you learn:

  • A new and very effective way to study (called Designed Immersion™)
  • How to use each of the Membership Apps and the Forum
  • How to create and maintain the essential Designed Immersion environment. Remember that the Membership is based on self-instruction and therefore you must play 2 roles: student and instructor, and, as an ‘instructor’ you create and maintain the Designed Immersion environment in its physical and mental aspects.

When you complete the training, you’ll have a video conference with one of our instructors who will answer any questions you have and make sure that you have a good understanding of the three goals of the training. At the end of the video conference, we’ll turn on all the functionality of the Membership Apps.

After you set your target for the average number of hours you want to commit to each week towards Membership Activities, you’ll begin doing the Membership Activities in the order you desire (there are 18 possible Activities). The minimum number of hours per week you can commit to is 3 and most people start with 5 or 6 hours per week.  

Assuming you commit to 5 hours week, you would spend about 1.25 hours per week on your computer and 3.75 hours per week watching films and TV shows, listening to audio and reading (these estimates vary depending on your level). The Portal App tracks how you spend your time each week and provides a graphical report to help you manage your time. It’s not important to achieve your time commitment every week; the ‘time commitment’ is something to shoot for, as an average, over several weeks or months.

How Does the
Spanish Fluency Membership Work?

The following desktop applications and features are included with your Membership. The Membership apps require Windows 10 or higher. (see here if your computer runs an Operating System other than Windows).

Personal Session

After you download, install and register the Membership applications, and after you complete the Designed Immersion™ Tutporial, you'll have your Personal Session with one of our instructors, via video-conference. During your session we'll answer any questions you have, review with you how to determine your Membership level and make sure that you're ready to begin regular Membership Activities.

Designed Immersion™ Tutorial

The Spanish Fluency Membership uses Designed Immersion™, which is both a new kind of teaching method as well as a new way to 'study'. Since the Membership is a self-instructional program, you need to learn the new way to study and you need to learn how to create and maintain an effective instructional environment. Neither one is difficult, but they are both vital and you accomplish them using our Designed Immersion™ self-paced Tutorial. Most people complete the Tutorial within 5 to 10 hours.

Spanish Fluency Membership Portal

The Portal app is where you manage your Membership Activities, easily track your time and your progress. You initiate and manage the 6 Progressive Video Activities from the Portal; a majority of your Membership time will be spent with these 6 Activities.

The Portal app is also the place where you can access all the other Membership apps.


Periquete is a game that helps you build your Passive vocabulary and your fluid recognition of spoken Spanish. In Periquete you’ll also look up definitions of words and create example sentences that will be used in the Periquete game.

The Periquete app can import vocabulary from Kindle books that you've marked with Notes.

You'll also access the Voice Coach speaking Activity from the Periquete app.

Web Dictionaries App

The Web Dictionaries App gives you quick access to several online Spanish-English dictionaries and makes it very easy to automatically copy definitions and example sentences  to Periquete and other Membership apps.


Apolinar is one of the Speaking Games included with the Membership; all of the Speaking Games included with the Membership aim to increase both your Active and Passive knowledge and to provide you with speaking practice. All of the Speaking Games respond to your (Spanish) speech. Apolinar focuses on exposing you to common phrases and expressions used in everyday conversations.


Quince-Trozos is another of the Speaking Games included with the Membership that respond to your voice. It focuses on expressions and examples  that you have created through Periquete and elsewhere.


Sonrie is another of the Speaking Games included with the Membership that responds to your voice. It focuses on jokes in Spanish.


Aguaviva is another of the Speaking Games included with the Membership that responds to your voice. It focuses understanding and responding to others in particular situations.

Spanish Voices / Destellos

Spanish Voices is an application that allows you to listen to recordings of people from all walks of life (currently available only from Mexico) having real conversations. As you listen you can also read along with the text and also a translation that is synced with the audio. Spanish Voices can also operate in ‘Destellos’ mode; see the description of the Membership Newsletter below for more information.

Spanish Voices allows you to change the speed of the audio, easily select portions of the audio for repetition, is integrated with the Oxford® Spanish-English dictionary and includes many other useful features.

Creative Journal

The Creative Journal  Editor is a playful Activity that assists you in writing your own short ‘scripts’ which are dialogs where you decide what you want to say and how to say it. It provides you practice in expressing yourself in Spanish with the vocabulary you currently have and also helps you expand your vocabulary at the same time.

Spanish Fluency Membership Forum (available from a browser)

The Membership Forum is a place where you can post questions and comments or respond to the questions and comments of other Members or Pars Omni staff. Questions and comments can be about any aspect of the Membership program and the Membership Apps or about the Spanish language.

Spanish Fluency Membership Newsletter (sent as email)

As a Member you will receive, roughly twice a month, our newsletter Destellos. Destellos includes tips on how to get more from the Membership Apps and activities, short, interesting items about Spanish and the Spanish-speaking world, and, often, a link to a short audio that can be heard using the Spanish Voices App, operating in ‘Destellos’ mode, along with the accompanying text and translation.

Spanish Fluency Membership Guides You To Fluency
without You Having to Change Your Lifestyle


  • Terms: A subscription to the Spanish Fluency Membership costs $25 per quarter (billed every 3 months).  
  • The Initial Payment to start your subscription, and covering the first quarterly  period (13 weeks), is $515. This fee includes the tutorial based training, all the bundled software programs and your Personal Session (video conference) with one of our instructors.
  • Cancel at any time. For detailed information see our Cancellation and Refund policy.  

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Prepare Yourself for Fluency in Spanish
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Reaching fluency requires calendar time, but needn't be a hardship because with the Membership you find it easy and enjoyable to progressively learn on your own, week after week, spending a few hours each week.