How to Learn Spanish (continued...)

The natural way that humans learn language

The way human beings become fluent in a language is through immersion. That's the way you acquired your first language. You were immersed in it and your brain automatically learned. The process was completely effortless on your part - in fact, you had no choice in the matter.

Until now, the most common way for Spanish students to become fluent was to spend an extended period of time in a Spanish speaking country interacting with the local people (i.e. immersion). That's what Spanish language majors at universities do. Classes, tutoring, books, CD's and computer programs all help, but to achieve fluency with all its benefits requires immersion.

Learning languages is not about 'intelligence' or 'studying hard'

The obvious fact that all human beings become fluent in their native language (with extremely rare exceptions) is enough to tell us that we are 'wired to learn language'. Some people may like learning languages more than others, but we all became fluent - and we did so without needing to study or work at it.  Acquiring language is so fundamental and easy (under the right conditions) that hundreds of millions of people around the world are fluent in more than one language.

So if intelligence and study are not necessary for learning a language, what is? Our human brain is wired to learn automatically, but what it learns and how easily and fast it learns depends on several conditions that we're pretty sure you don't yet understand (otherwise you'd probably already be fluent and would have no need to visit our web page). 

Those conditions were present when you acquired your native language growing up. Knowing what those conditions are and creating or optimizing them can save hundreds, even thousands of hours of study and can mean the difference between reaching fluency or reaching an elementary or intermediate level and than abandoning further study.

"The human brain is powerful, but the brain needs legs"

Our brains learn automatically and rapidly - depending on the environment they're in. We were born into an excellent environment for acquiring language. But as adults now wanting to learn Spanish we are surely not in such an excellent environment. That's why we say, "the brain is powerful, but the brain needs legs". In other words, the brain can't really exercise its power unless it 'moves itself' into a new environment suited to acquiring (the Spanish) language. You, as an adult,  function as those 'legs'.

The ideal language acquisition environment for adults is not the same one we had as children. When you understand what that ideal (adult) environment is, you can 'walk your brain' into to it and begin to experience your brain's true power to acquire language. 

So, how to learn Spanish?

As an adult, the way to learn Spanish is to understand how to become fluent and then put your understanding into practice. Fluency requires that you have a very large vocabulary - on the order of 10,000 words or more. And you won't get that vocabulary through simple drills, learning games and memorizing dialogs alone. Achieving that kind of vocabulary (plus all the associated grammar and usage 'rules') takes time. When you understand how to become fluent you'll know how to use your time wisely and you'll find that the path to fluency is not really a difficult one.

The next section is about Designed Immersion™ - which is a method for establishing and optimizing the conditions that allow adults to progress to fluency as rapidly and easily as possible - regardless of their level or of what classes or programs they have taken or will take.

Designed Immersion™  has one purpose:
getting you to fluency in Spanish

Over the past 30 years we have perfected a method we call Designed Immersion™;With Designed Immersion™ you get the immersion you need for fluency, but you don't have to move to another country. You can take advantage of Designed Immersion™ in your own home or through one of our classes, or while you are taking a class elsewhere or even while you are living in a Spanish speaking country. Designed Immersion™ will fit into almost anyone's schedule.

Designed Immersion™ makes it practical for you to become fluent in Spanish without forcing you to move to a Spanish speaking country. We say practical because the Designed Immersion™ program eliminates all of the following reasons people usually abandon their study before the become fluent:

  • Takes too much personal time 
  • Costs too much money
  • Is boring or otherwise causes stress
  • Learning progress is too slow
  • Belief that an immersion program abroad is the only path to fluency
  • Not knowing the best way to reach fluency

Spanish Fluency Membership is how you use Designed Immersion to become fluent

Spanish Fluency Membership is delivered to you as an ongoing quarterly subscription that requires a computer and a subscription to one or more providers of Spanish-language films and TV shows
(Netflix, Amazon Prime, MhZ, etc.)

  • Tutorial that trains you in Designed Immersion and how to use it to reach fluency in Spanish. (Windows app, run on Mac using Virtual Windows)
  • Personal Session (video conference) with one of our instructors (on completion of the Tutorial) 
  • Desktop apps to help you implement crucial parts of your Designed Immersion program and help you practice speaking and listening skills (don't worry - most of your Designed Immersion time will not be spent at the computer)
  • Regular e-mail newsletter with tips and content
  • Online Forum for Members and staff
  • Online content including free and paid resources available from sites around the world (all vetted to be compatible with Designed Immersion) 

What you'll get...

with Spanish Fluency Membership

Spanish Fluency Membership Guides You To Fluency
without You Having to Change Your Lifestyle

  • Terms: A subscription to the Spanish Fluency Membership costs $25 per quarter (billed every 3 months).  
  • The Initial Payment to start your subscription, and covering the first quarterly  period (13 weeks), is $215. This fee includes the Tutorial based training, all the bundled software programs and a Personal Session (video conference) with our instructor.
  • Cancel at any time. For more information see Cancellation and Refund policy.  

You can start your Membership now - click the 'Subscribe now' button below...

Prepare Yourself for Fluency in Spanish
at Home or on the Road 

Reaching fluency requires calendar time, but needn't be a hardship because with the Membership you find it easy and enjoyable to progressively learn on your own, week after week, spending a few hours each week.