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We are focused on one thing: helping you become fluent in Spanish

  • We teach you the basic secrets (actually they're obvious but many people don't know them or apply them) to becoming fluent in Spanish.
  • Membership includes 2 powerful tools (applications that run on Windows and Mac) and lots of Online content produced to help you progress to fluency without having to travel.
  • As a member you'll receive regular, frequent emails that link to tips, lessons, recordings and much more, all things you'll find engaging and easy to fit into your daily life.

How long have you wanted to be fluent in Spanish - but have not yet spent the time doing what you think is necessary?

As you surely know, becoming fluent in a language takes time.  You needed thousands of hours of exposure to your native language to become fluent as a child. It's possible to become fluent in a foreign language more rapidly - but you'll still need hundreds and probably thousands of hours of immersion in the new language before you will consider yourself 'fluent'.

Millions of people around the world become fluent in foreign languages and most of them do so with a combination of classes and immersion in the foreign culture through work, television, radio, social interaction and events, etc.  Of course, such immersion is most easily accomplished by travelling to and living in a foreign country.

What if there were an easy way for you to immerse yourself in the Spanish language and culture that didn't require that you move abroad? And what if that 'easy way' required only a few hours of your time per week, say 5 to 7 hours. And what if you found most of that 5 to 7 hours to be so enjoyable and engaging that it didn't seem like study time but became part of your regular entertainment time?

“Language acquisition does not require extensive use of conscious grammatical rules, and does not require tedious drill. Acquisition requires meaningful interaction in the target language - natural communication - in which speakers are concerned not with the form of their utterances but with the messages they are conveying and understanding.”

Dr. Stephen Krashen, professor emeritus of Linguistics at the University of Southern California

By choosing us you’ll get the following benefits:

You Learn How to Become Fluent in Spanish

If you want to become fluent in Spanish as quickly and easily as possible, you may need to abandon some study old study habits. Through our How to Learn Spanish Tutorial and personal consulting with one of our trainers, we train you in the techniques, attitudes and practices that will guarantee you success.

Access to Powerful Learning Tools and Tailored Content

Once you understand the optimum path to fluency, you'll find the powerful computer programs, Online content, E-Mail Newsletters and (optional) classes that come with Membership are all geared to helping you learn rapidly and enjoyably.  The content that comes with Membership must be effective and enjoyable - otherwise you will stop using them and your progress will stall.

You'll Be in Communication with our Staff and Other Members

Being in communication with our staff and with other members through E-Mails, our Forum, phone consultations and, possibly, classes helps keep you engaged over an extended period of time - and this is necessary for you to become fluent. Ideally, you will find time to travel to Spanish speaking countries (this will really accelerate your learning) occasionally. We facilitate such travel in a number of ways through the Members Forum as well as providing connections to foreign 'travel courses' and other activities.

"I never thought learning Spanish could easy!"

I never thought learning Spanish could be so much fun and be so easy! It's not like study or school at all. I admit it took me a while to get over trying to memorize verb conjugations, but now I really understand what you mean when you say 'the brain automatically knows how to learn language'. Thanks.


- Carl Sellars (Graphic Designer)

The key to becoming fluent is to immerse yourself in Spanish. The key to doing that is to make it a small but enjoyable part of your daily life.

"If I had known how easy and fun it would be to rapidly progress in Spanish, I wouldn't have delayed for 4 years!"

Jerry took two years of Spanish classes at a local university. He was satisfied with his progress but knew that he was still far from fluent: he could carry on simple conversations with native speakers; he could understand the gist of some TV news stories and he could read simple texts but he couldn't fully understand and enjoy Spanish language TV shows and movies and often struggled to understand native speakers or make himself understood.

Jerry wanted to continue learning and he believed his best path was to enroll in a Study Abroad program in Mexico. There, he would be studying Spanish every day and he would be living and interacting with a host family. But, to do that he would have to quit his job and he wasn't willing to do that.

Instead, 3 years after his last university Spanish class, Jerry started using some of the tools and unique approach to learning that, today, you can find in our Membership. He spent roughly 4 to 8 hours a week immersing himself in Spanish. 90% of that time, Jerry was enjoying Spanish language TV (mostly Telenovelas and serial programs from Mexico, Colombia and Spain) and reading Spanish language novels.  The other 10% of his time he was carrying out brief 'study' exercises under our guidance.

During the next 14 months, Jerry took two short vacation trips: one to Mexico and one to Costa Rica. He was very gratified at his progress during these trips. By the end of 14 months, Jerry believed he was close to fluency in understanding and happy with his speaking ability, and actively seeking a tutor to help him become a more eloquent Spanish speaker.

What Spanish Fluency Membership Does for You:

The First Step of Membership: the How to Learn Spanish Tutorial

"The tutorial is an application that you download and run (Windows and Mac only)"

The tutorial takes one to two hours and includes a test of your current knowledge of Spanish. When you're done, it will send us the results and one of our instructors calls you to discuss your situation, your strengths and weakness and, most importantly, advises you on the best ways for you to proceed,

Our approach to becoming fluent in Spanish (or any language) is easy, it's enjoyable and it can conveniently fit into your current life. Above all it's effective - and not expensive!

But, unless you understand what fluency is and how the human brain acquires language you, most likely, will not take advantage of this remarkable and simple approach.

We should know. We're language teachers and, for many years, we didn't apply some of the fundamental principles of our approach (which we call Designed Immersion) to our own programs!

That's why we created our tutorial program called How to Learn Spanish and made it the starting point of our Membership program.

Spanish Voices is a Unique Application Designed to Immerse you in Spanish

Spanish Voices is an important part of Membership. When you become a Member you'll be able to download and run the application (Windows and Mac only). Here are some of the things you can do with Spanish Voices:

  • It comes with over 100 Conversations - spontaneous, unrehearsed conversations and monologues of native Spanish speakers. Each Conversation includes audio, Spanish text, translation and additional notes.
  • You can play the audio which is synced with the Spanish text, display or hide the English translation, slow down or speed up the audio, quickly look up words in the built-in Spanish-English dictionary and much more.
  • As a Member you'll be able to download specially prepared stories, jokes, music and other content prepared by our staff - and play these in Spanish Voices
  • Spanish Voices allows you to easily export new words to our other powerful program Flashcards for Spanish.

Flashcards for Spanish: a Powerful and Fun Way to Improve your Spanish

You're probably familiar with flashcards - either the ones made of paper or cardboard, or a version made to run on a computer. 

But Flashcards for Spanish is different from all other flashcard systems:

  • It's designed to be an integral part of the Membership program
  • It can access multiple Spanisn-English dictionaries so that you can quickly lookup defninitions and examples
  • It employs a unique version of the Leitner Box algorithm to provide optimally spaced repetition over time
  • It keeps track of how you're doing and makes appropriate specific suggestions as you use it
  • It integrates with Kindle E-Reader and Spanish Voices
  • It includes audio (4 different voices) as well as text

You Receive our E-Mail Newsletter to Keep You Engaged in the Immersion Process

Our Designed Immersion process works as long as you stay regularly engaged (just a few hours a week is enough). As a Member you'll receive our weekly E-Mail Newsletter. It's purpose is to keep you connected. Each Newsletter has tips, links to Spanish language content and recordings prepared by our staff that you can download.

As with all of our materials, you'll find that the Newsletter content is engaging and often fun. Designed Immersion works because of your interest. When you lose interest you must fall back on discipline and effort - which is very hard to maintain over the long term. The more time you immerse yourself in Spanish, the more your brain is able to automatically process and acquire that language.

Our Membership Website Makes it Easy and Enjoyable to Stay Immersed in Spanish

Let's be frank: to become fluent in Spanish you need regular immersion in the Spanish language and culture over a period of months or years. Unless you move to a Spanish speaking country, this has been very difficult to do.

That's where our Online Spanish Membership program comes in. Its purpose is to make it easy and enjoyable for you to spend at least a few hours every week immersing yourself in Spanish.

And unless that immersion process is easy and enjoyable you are very unlikely to continue doing it week after week. The simple fact is that the reason that the vast majority of Spanish students never reach fluency is because they don't immerse themselves in Spanish over a long enough period of time.

Our Membership Website is filled with content (stories, jokes, music, lessons and links to YouTube videos and other internet content) that we've selected for you because it's interesting or entertaining in its own right and because of the Spanish vocabulary and grammar it exposes you to.

"Deep down, I always knew that Learning a language needn't be a struggle"

"What a relief to discover that just by watching an enjoyable TV show like La Fea Más Bella (following your directions and with your applications) I'm learning faster now than every before - no more study and drills! Thanks - your program is great!"

- Marvin S. (Insurance Agent)

What You’ll Get...

with Spanish Fluency Online Membership:

Spanish Fluency Online Membership Guides You To Fluency
without You Having to Change Your Lifestyle

We show you the secrets of reaching fluency with our unique Designed Immersion approach

If you purchase our Online Spanish Membership now, you'll get it for a deeply discounted priced. That's because many of the features of Membership are still in development and won't be released for another few months. But if you purchase a Membership Subscription now, you'll get the features that are ready and you won't have to wait long for the rest - and you save.

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"I love this program so much!"

"I really love this program because you use real native speakers. I have already recommended 4 people to this program. I love it; keep it up!"

- Shawna L. (Nurse)

Summary of What You’ll Get...

  • How to Learn Spanish Tutorial Program
  • Spanish Voices 'Audio-Text' Player
  • Flashcards for Spanish Program
  • E-Mail Newsletter
  • Forum (includes users and staff) in Spanish and English
  • Membership Website with lots of Content... and more...

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