Using Spanish Voices on your computer is the standard format and a great way to learn. Another great option is creating an audio CD or exporting audio files so that you can take authentic Spanish with you on the go: listen on the bus, in your car, at work, wherever! This allows for more listening time, which will help improve your Spanish fluency and integrate Spanish into your everyday life.

  • In the Voices software, click on “Tools” at the top and then click on “Create Audio CD”. If you plan to make a disc, you should have one in your disc drive ready to be burned. click on tools
  • A “Create Audio Disc” window will appear. Here you can select which conversation(s) you want to burn or export by clicking on the title, then clicking on the “Add” button in the middle. select conversations
  • The title of the conversation(s) will appear on the right. You will also be able to see what percentage of the available space the currently selected titles will take up. If you change your mind about a title, you can click on the “Remove” button. When you’re done adding and removing stories, click on “Export” at the bottom right to get the audio file, or click on “Burn Audio Disc” to make a CD and then follow the prompts. 3.5 when done adding stories, click export or burn audio cd at the bottom right
  • If you click on “Export”, a small window will appear with information about exporting. Click “OK” to continue. 4. pop up with info, click ok to continue
  • Another small window will appear where you can select the destination for your audio file to be saved. Select a location by clicking on it, and then click “OK”. 5. another pop up, select destination
  • When the export is finished, a small window will appear that says “Exporting is complete”; click “OK”, then click “Close” in the bottom right of the “Create Audio Disc” window. 6. click ok when pop appears that says export complete. then click close in the bottom right of Create Audio Disc window
  • Your audio file will be saved in the destination you have selected and is now available to be added to a mobile device and used on the go. 7. Audio file will appear wherever you selected it to go. can drag and drop into and listen on the go

This feature of the software is a fantastic way to take your language journey to the next level. Exposing your mind to Spanish more frequently and in a variety of contexts will help you absorb the language and make progress more quickly.

To learn more about how you or your organization can improve fluency in the Spanish language, contact Pars Omni today! Our immersive classes and unique approach to language learning give you the skills you need to succeed.