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I feel that I need more speaking practice

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I'm enjoying the Membership Activities (I'm at Intermediate level in Spanish), but I think I need more speaking practice than the program is allowing me to have. My Management Report looks good and it has me spending most of my time focusing on understanding Spanish - which I understand, but I'd like to get more speaking practice to feel I'm making progress there too. Any recommendations?

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Hi Valentin,

More speaking practice is always a good thing, but not if it comes at the expense of your practice of understanding. What some Members do in your situation is to go ahead and use the speaking games (Apolinar, Quince Trozos, etc.) as much as they want. When the time starts exceeding the 'maximum recommended' for Speaking Activities, the Portal App will begin discounting some or all of the time you've entered. This is a safe-guard to help keep your time across the various Activity Groups in balance.

When this occurs, the Management Report may still advise you to spend less time on Speaking Activities, but with the understanding that your Immersion Project overall is still in balance, you can ignore the recommendation.

Just a reminder: the fastest way to improve your speaking vocabulary is to increase your 'understanding vocabulary', though the results are not apparent right away - whereas speaking practice seems to provide immediate feedback which is why many people favor it.