• 5.5 hours?
  • Can you Afford the time?
  • inevitable success

If you've read this far, it's very likely that you do value becoming fluent in Spanish. And in the Designed Immersion training you'll learn how (and how easy it is) to make your Membership time highly enjoyable and satisfying.

Just as it was inevitable that you become fluent in your native language (as it was with virtually everyone you know), Designed Immersion shows you a path to fluency in Spanish that is also inevitably successful. During the training you'll learn about this important point of 'your inevitable success at reaching fluency in Spanish'.

Once you start the Designed Immersion Membership, the only thing that can keep you from reaching Practical Fluency is not putting in your time on a regular basis. And the only way for any of us to be willing to devote several hours a week - indefinitely -  to anything is that we must find that time to be very valuable and rewarding (e.g. like an enjoyable hobby). The success of Designed Immersion is grounded on this premise.