Refund Policy for Membership

Spanish Fluency Membership is sold as an annual subscription with two payments. When the Member makes the second payment, at the end of the first year,  the subscription becomes permanent and requires no further payment.  During this first year, a Member may cancel Membership which will end further billing and also cause the Membership to become inactive after the first year.

Refunds are handled as follows:

Phase 1: starts when Membership starts. The Member then downloads the Membership Desktop apps and completes the Tutorial using the Tutorial app. The last step of the Tutorial requires that the Member request a phone consultation appointment with a Pars Omni instructor. The request for appointment marks the end of Phase 1. Users are entitled to receive a 50% refund of the first-year subscription fee when they request a refund during Phase 1.

Phase 2: Phase 2 begins when the Member begins the phone consultation and ends when the instructor grants the Member access to all of the Membership apps and content, which usually occurs within two days of completing the phone consultation. When a Member requests a refund during Phase 2 they are entitled to receive a 35% refund of the first-year subscription fee.

Phase 3: starts when the Member when the Member is granted full access to all the Membership apps and content and ends with the end of the first year of Membership. There are no refunds for Phase 3 requests for refunds.

Phase 4: starts with the start of Year 2 of the Membership.  A Member is entitled to a 75% refund of the second-year subscription fee when they request the refund within 10 days of the second year billing transaction.

Requests for refunds must be made by email request to Customer Support and refunds will be remitted by check or credit card within 45 days.