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Part 2 - Difficulties People Encounter on the Way to Fluency

There are several difficulties people tend to encounter when they set out to become fluent in a new language. These are always practical difficulties and never learning difficulties.

We're going to assume that you have no difficulty learning Spanish or any other language because you, like more than 99% of the human race, have successfully learned your native language to the level of fluency. And hundreds of millions of people around the world have successfully learned 2 or even more foreign languages as adults.

If your experience with language instruction in the past was not positive, or if you were disappointed with the results, your language learning ability is never the culprit. Hopefully, by the end of this lesson you will have a better understanding of the real cause of your dissatisfaction.

But even if your experience with language instruction in the past has been very positive, you're still likely to run into one or more of the 'practical difficulties'.  So let's take a look.

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