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This is Part 1 of the First Lesson from our Membership Training Program

People study Spanish for many reasons, but the primary motivation to learn Spanish for most is the desire to be able to converse - that is, understand and speak with - Spanish speakers. When you're skilled enough at conversing that you're able to use your skill in any situation, we say that you are 'fluent'.

In this 5-part lesson, I want to present to you an overview of an enjoyable, easy and very practical way that you can become fluent in Spanish.

Ok, what do I mean when I say 'practical'? I mean that the path to fluency that I'm going to present to you is one, that once started, you're very likely to continue until you reach fluency. It does take time to become fluent.

And the reason that I say 'you're likely to continue' is that this path to fluency, which we call Designed Immersion, has been designed to remove all the difficulties that people experience especially when they progress beyond the basic level.

We'll talk about some of those difficulties (which, by the way, are practical difficulties, not learning difficulties) in the next part. But I want to emphasize 3 fundamental ideas before we go on.

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