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Designed Immersion™: the easy and very practical path to fluency in Spanish

At Pars Omni we have been helping people learn conversational Spanish for over 30 years.  Since 2016, because of changes brought about  through technological advances, we re-purposed our company to help people become fluent in Spanish.

In fact, ‘learning Spanish’ has always meant to ‘become fluent in Spanish’. The problem is that, especially for Americans, to go much beyond a beginner or low-intermediate level has required intensive immersion in a Spanish-speaking society for many months to several years.

For beginners, the best way to start is with a class or classes with professionally trained instructors. We still offer our very successful Foundation Course for beginners. But once you reach what we call a Basic level, it’s best to transition to some kind of ‘immersion’.

So starting in 2016 we began developing our Spanish Fluency Membership Program. It’s meant for those who have already reached at least a ‘Basic’ level and it works through a method we call Designed Immersion™. The Spanish Fluency Membership Program takes advantage of the proliferation of international streaming services, as well text-to-speech and voice-recognition services to allow you to have an effective immersion experience without having to live in a foreign country.

How does it work?  The first idea to understand is that the idea of ‘learning Spanish’ implies acquiring knowledge while the ‘idea of becoming fluent’ implies mastery of skills.

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