What Is Fluency?

In our Spanish Fluency Membership program we define several levels of fluency, but the most basic one and the one that is the main focus of the Membership program is Practical Fluency, which is described below:

  • What Can you do?
  • How does it feel?

When you are learning Spanish, especially until you get to an advanced level, it's likely that your experience when you try to understand or speak Spanish in real life situations is one of effort - it often feels like work.

One of the hallmarks of Practical Fluency is that your speaking and understanding of Spanish has now become automated; it feels effortless. By 'automated' we mean that your brain unconsciously, rapidly and automatically feeds up Spanish to your conscious mind so that you can enjoy effortless communication in Spanish. You now are thinking in Spanish just as you think in your native language when you speak it. We call this automatic, effortless and satisfying experience flow - and it is very close to the flow often referred to by athletes. The words fluency and flow are different forms of the same word.