Since Fluency is the only Worthwhile goal,
what matters is that you get there!

We have studied why many adults have failed to continue on to fluency in Spanish once they've started and the number one reason is:

"It seems like I'd be taking classes forever, and 
'I'm not willing to spend a significant chunk of my life in that way."

But what if there were a practical way to continue learning Spanish on your own that was never boring, never difficult, something that you looked forward to with pleasure each week, required only a few hours of your time (at your convenience) each week and where you would be enjoying the benefits of fluency right from the beginning and every step of the way? And the cost is so low that it's affordable to anyone, including full-time students.

The heart of Designed Immersion  is  a short tutorial program where we train you to use the keys to becoming fluent in Spanish and thoroughly enjoying the process on the way. Becoming fluent will take calendar time, but you'll never feel that Designed Immersion requires you to sacrifice your personal time.