• Designed Immersion
  • Dr.  lozanov
  • Dr. Krashen

Designed Immersion™ is a method of language instruction based on the research and theories of Dr. Georgi Lozanov, Dr. Stephen Krashen and on our own teaching experience at Pars Omni over many years.

At Pars Omni we have taught Spanish and English to thousands of students and delivered dozens of language programs for companies and government departments in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Malaysia, Japan, South Africa and Austria. We worked directly with Dr. Lozanov for many years and we're very familiar with Dr. Krashen's theories as well.

All of our classes are delivered by instructors trained in Designed Immersion and our latest offering (the Spanish Fluency Membership) includes a special training for Members in Designed Immersion™.