The Way to Learn Spanish is
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Part 2: Why setting your long-term goal to 'fluency' is so helpful

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The 3 Phases of Fluency are your key to
understanding our services

The ideal path to fluency in Spanish progresses through three phases. Each phase requires a different focus, a different strategy and different practices. It's not the only way to become fluent, but it is the easiest, most enjoyable way, and the one that will feel most like 'your own hobby'.

Establishment Phase

Goals of the Establishment Phase

1. To train beginners or near-beginners' to be able to converse in Spanish at a Basic Level.

2. To achieve enough knowledge and skill at speaking and understanding Spanish that you can easily begin learning on your own - given the opportunity.

3. To provide a solid base of 'correctness' that will help you in the subsequent phases.

We highly recommend a class with a trained instructor for this phase.

Here's what you can do at the Basic Level:

Growth Phase

Goals of the
Growth Phase

1. To help those at the Basic Level acquire the knowledge and skill to understand native Spanish speakers in any situation.

2. To improve your ability to pronounce Spanish and speak it fluidly and rapidly.

Overall, the Growth Phase prepares you for Practical Fluency.

This is the longest phase.

It can be accomplished with others or on your own, at home.

Here's what you can do when you reach Practical Fluency:

Conversing Phase

Goals of the
Conversing Phase

To improve your ability to converse with Spanish speakers rapidly and fluidly - without hesitation and without 'being left behind'.

In this phase you will perfect your 'correctness' in speaking. 

During this phase you practice by having real (as opposed to practice or drill) conversations with Spanish speakers. 

This phase will be easy if you already understand Spanish speakers very well (see the Growth Phase).

Here's what you can do when you master the skill of conversing:

Establishment Phase Services

Pars Omni
Foundation Course

  • For beginners
  • 72 Class hours: 24 3-hour sessions delivered over 3 to 8 weeks (depending on schedule)
  • Students reach the Basic level: 1500 to 2000 word vocabulary, can converse in 6 verb tenses in present,
    past and future
  • The focus of the course is to help you develop a strong conversational base where you can begin learning
    easily on your own
  • $2400

Are there Alternatives to the Foundation Course?

Here are some alternatives if you are a beginner or if you've studied Spanish before:

Growth Phase Services

Pars Omni
Spanish Membership Program

  • For those who have reached at least the Basic Level but are not yet Functionally Fluent
  • You schedule your time and location at your convenience
  • Delivered as an ongoing quarterly subscription
  •  Requires a computer and a subscription to one or more providers of Spanish-language films and series (Netflix, Amazon Prime,
    MhZ, etc.)
  • Includes Online forum, newsletter and 7 programs to help you practice speaking and listening (understanding) skills - and more
  • All practice is enjoyable and easy - like a hobby), never tedious, tiring or frustrating.
  • $215 Startup Fee, $25 / quarter subscription, cancellable at any time

Conversing Phase Services

Miscellaneous Programs
 and Situations

Pars Omni does not provide Conversing Phase services, except on an ad-hoc basis. 

Our focus is on preparing you for fluency, which is what we do through the Establishment and Growth Phase services.

The Foundation Course provides you with lots of conversing practice. Conversing practice is fine during the Growth Phase (you must arrange it on your own), as long as Growth Phase activities are not neglected.

But Conversing practice can only proceed easily and rapidly when you are near the end of the Growth Phase and you can easily understand native Spanish speakers well.

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